• Prices are in euros, including VAT;
    A vehicle may be rented to a driver who is at least 22 years of age and 2 years of driving experience;
    The minimum rental period is 24 hours, late returns of 59 minutes free of charge, and more than 60 minutes to 24 hours will be charged an additional rental day;
    Delivery and return of the vehicle is done at locations Tuzi - Podgorica Office, Podgorica Airport and Tivat Airport;
    The user must reserve a vehicle for at least 3 days in case she wants to do to download or return the vehicle at the location of Tivat airport;
    Payment may be made in cash, the account al Awwal DOO or credit cards accepted by al Awwal DOO;
    A deposit is required - credit card or cash in the amount of the Al Awwal DOO;
    The price includes compulsory insurance against liability for damage caused to third parties;
    The price does not include the daily allowance for risk insurance and insurance against theft, unless the lease agreement are explicitly stated, and which can be used according to the current price list;
    Contracted daily fee for Collision Insurance Beneficiary provide the following rights:

    For damage to the vehicle without the user, the user is entirely free of the responsibility;

    If the vehicle is stolen with the original key or the original registration card or if you do not report the theft to police and ensure that the police report, the beneficiary shall make Al Awwal d.o.o. the amount of 100% of the value of a new vehicle;
    Casco insurance does not cover the damage caused under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants, driving without a valid driver's license or seized, as well as when the vehicle was located over the face of the allocated seats;
    Fuel and car wash paid by consumers, unless the vehicle is washed and returned with the same amount of fuel being acquired.
    Service charges on this basis in the amount of 10 euros plus fuel costs, or for the price of washing;
    In case of losing the keys or the vehicle registration, a user is required to Al Awwal d.o.o. pay damages in the amount of 1,000 euros;
    Damage to tires and tools are charged according to the valid price list Al Awwal d.o.o.
    For the duration of the lease, Al Awwal d.o.o. no responsibility for any violation of road traffic safety by the customer or reimburse the costs of any repairs to tires, toll, and the like;
    All mutual rights and obligations are precisely regulated by a lease agreement that is signed when taking the vehicle.

Kako rezervisati?

Rezervišete putem mejla na ammar.krnic@rentacar-for.me, putem formulara ili pozivom na +382 67 400 700

Kilometraža? service

For the teritorry of Montenegro,unlimited kilometrage is implied.
For the other countries 200 km per day are included. Every kilometer of usage over the allowed limit is charged 0.10€ For rentals longer than 20 days may be agreed.

price for rent

Citroen C1 Manual from 27 eur/day.
OPEL Corsa Manual from 37 eur/day.
OPEL Corsa Automatic from 37 eur/day.
OPEL ASTRA 1.4 automatic from 39 eur/day.